Mooneys, All Models!! Run out ok; needing P&I, radio upgrades ok; fast discriminate transactions on your ramp, 20 years experience/references.

Jim Cardella  760-803-3093 email:


Pippen-York Flying Machine Co., Inc.

Avionics, Autopilots, Stormscopes, GPS,

Intercoms, & Xpdr/Alt. Certification

Fredericksburg, TX

Toll Free 1-877-997-8205



List Your Mooney for sale free at form under “Mooneys for Sale”



Check out Lake Aero Styling & Repair’s “LASAR” Web Site: New under Mooneys for Sale, “List your Mooney for free” and Mooney Instructors”. Also check out Parts, Mods, and Services! LASAR, est. 1975. 707-263-0412, email: and – “like” us on facebook!!  



A combined maintenance and new flight training facility located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport (N87) in Central Jersey. Factory trained mechanics with over 100 years combined experience in performing speed mods, annuals, PC repair, major airframe structural repair, and general airframe upgrades, instrument panels. Dave Mathiesen at Air-Mods Flight Center (609) 259-2400. Website is and email .


1969 M20C

N9247V, Annual due June 2016, TTAF 5030, SMOH 1670, Lycoming0-360-A1D. Solid IFR plane! Tanks resealed 2015. Pitot static due June 2017. Standard 6 pack gauges Garmin 430 NAV/COM/GPS, King KLX135A VFR NAV/COM/GPS. Features: 3 blade prop, EGT, Wing Leveler, Electric gear and flaps, K&N Filter, Sky-Tec starter, New shock discs. Hangared at KGTU Georgetown, TX Muni. $34,000, Kevin Sanders (512) 507-8378 or email


1977 M20J

N201NM, Airframe 1912TT-dry climate history-complete logbooks, fuel tanks resealed by Weep No More May 2002, Engine I/O360-A3B6D-2 blade prop  167.3 hrs. SMOH by Poplar Grove Airmotive with new cylinders. O/H magnetos and oil cooler, new alternator, hoses, and mounts. 167.3 SPOH & Gov. Annual due September 2016 SB208 compliant.Avionics: dual King KX170B, KT76A transp, KMA20 audio panel, Century IIB autopilot, KR86 ADF, Sigtronics SBA-400 intercom. Same owner since Sept. 1979 (283 hrs.) Hangared @PVT MN strip. $68,900 USD Richard Molnau email:


1979 M20J

N4815H, S/N24-0888, sand beige, Unused several years (lost medical). A Minnesota aircraft, always hangared and well cared for. No corrosion. Airframe: 5762 hrs, TSMO 950 hrs, Tanis engine heater. Has been stored on jacks and engine hoist. Engine regularly “exercised”. Interior in excellent condition, non yellowed Royalite. New upholstery on front seats. New Batteries. Minor hail dings on ailerons. No major squawks, but the Loran is unusable. Needs an annual before operation. Please email for asking price, details and pictures.



A unique way for a pilot to trim his or her Christmas tree! We have over 100 ornaments-all are airplane and/or aviation related!  We have over 80% of the original boxes. They start from the Wright Brothers first airplane up through the space age. Call for details. Jerry Manthey (916) 941-6397


1966 M20C

June annual-new prop-TTAF 3282-SMOH 702- all AD’s complied with-King KX155-King 176A transponder-nice paint and interior-new tires and new battery-for information and price call Richard Westfahl (785) 443-0770



Mooney Factory Service Manual for M20J. $45. Rich Lytle 239-595-9511 or email:


1963 M20C Mark 21

2009 new prop and factory rebuilt (what used to be called factory remanufactured) 0 time engine. TTAF 3900 hrs, TT on engine and prop 260 hrs, manual gear & hydraulic flaps, Garmin 430W, King KX 155, conventional instruments, IFR certified, maintained by the original Dugosh Aircraft Service Co. since 1985. Paint 10, interior 5, annualed July 2015. $60,000, OBO (see at website under Aircraft For Sale) TX Dr. Herb Perkins 830-896-3008 or cell 210-416-2521 or email for more info


1977 CESSNA C150

Continental engines, Firewall Forward overhaul, TT3170 hrs, TSMOH 240 hrs., annual August 2015, Michel radios, IFR certified, no damage history, paint 6, interior 7, $25,000. OBO  (see at website under Aircraft For Sale) TX Dr. Herb Perkins, 830-896-3008 or cell 210-416-2521 or email for more into



Mooney Eagle/Ovation, 280 hp, 175 knots of speed on 15 gph, nice equipment and cosmetics, located in the Minneapolis, MN area.466 hrs total time since new Continental IO-550 280 hp 2000 TBO, McCauley 3 blade Top Prop, King KN 94 TSO GPS, dual King KX155A TSO digital NAV/COM, Garmin GPS 696 panel mounted in an Air Gizmo Cradle (Nexrad radar), King KT76C TSO digital transponder, PS Engineering PM 7000M-S audio panel, intercom and marker beacons, STEC system 30.2 axis autopilot w/altitude hold, slaved. Always hangared, no damage history, $180,000 call for more details Brian Zubert 612-719-1685



I am looking for a partner for my 1994 M20J MSE. Plane is in near perfect condition, 2200 hrs TT and 350 hrs SMOH. Fully equipped with Garmin 430W, HSI King autopilot, King No. 2 Comm and Nav. Plane has electric yaw damper, rare in J’s and a Vernier throttle also rare in J’s. I have full logs and plane has absolutely no damage history, extremely well maintained. I am looking for an IFR rated partner with time in Mooney or comparable complex type. For more information and picture see the following link-!mooney/c1uny Frank Daughtry (850) 393-3122.


1992 M20M

N1992M, S/N 27-0130, Airframe TTSN 2303, Engine TSMO 181 TIO 540-AF1B, Prop TSO 0, Annual 04/15. Avionics: Garmin GMA-340 audio panel, GNS530 WAAS, 330 Transponder, King-KI256 Altitude indicator, KC525A HSI, KX165 NAV/COM KI 202 Indicator, KR87 ADF KI 227 synchronized indicator, KAP 150 autopilot altitude preselect, KN64 DME, dual batteries, Precise FLT speedbrakes, oxygen bottle, Hot prop, JDI EDM 700 engine monitor, 406 ELT, dual alternators, dual vac pumps. $150,000, Nelson Medlin 864-316-4301 or email:



I’m looking for an articulating (adjustable) pilot seat from a J model on. Upholstery does not have to be in good condition as it will be switched out. Depending on location I will either pick it up or pay full shipping charges. Contact Mike Gordon


1966 M20C

N5974Q, 5240TT, 1168 SMOH, Prop 449 SMOH has E stamp on hub so no AD. Hangared. Full IFR, Garmin 430, coupled with Brittan AccuTrak, Yoke mounted Garmin 496 with XM weather, Garmin GMA 340 Audio Stack, KX 165, Shadin Fuel Flow, 4 place intercom. Leather seats, one piece windshield, cowling upgrade, Brake calibers reversed, Johnson bar, new starter and vacuum pump. All log books. Annual due 1/16. $52,250 Smithfield, NC, contact Michael Wilson 704-500-3733


1968 M20F

N333MT, S/N680142, TT3150, 825 SMOH, 50 hrs since new Scimitar Prop, Factory Elec gear. No Damage except gear up 1975, same owners since 1971. (Bought Ovation 3) Collins Microline, everything works except ADF. IFR due 6/15. Useful load 1021. Many speed mods. Equipment list sent on request. $59,800. Marvin Torme email:


1977 M20J 201

Very low time, TT 1915, SMOH 579, SPOH 579, fresh annual, last compression: 75, 76, 76, 76. Always hangared, flown regularly. All logbooks since new. On a 1-10 scale the paint is a 7 and the interior a 5. Avionics: 2-KX170B-one with glideslope, KMA20 Audio Panel, K76 transponder, KR85 ADF, King DME, Century II B AP, Apollo GPS II Morrow, OAT, EGT, LC02 quarts Chrometer. Contact Gary Jones at 360-751-0143 or for maintenance records. $69,950. Delivery and BFR available.


1966 M20C

4430 TT, 142 SMOH, Hartzell 3-blade 142 hr., King KX 155, Narco 120, Narco AT50 transponder, Narco 841 ADF, very good P & I. $45K  Jay Longinaker email:



USED tools and parts at 50% of retail price: Magneto timing light w/P-leads. Cable tester model E5, Mooney Gear preload tools, Bendix ignition switch, Narco ELT 10, Radio Sporty’s Air-scan V, David Clark H10-20, Fuel cap white.

NEW STUFF: Mooney Electric gear actuator (NOS) 20 to 1 ratio $1200, Heim rod ends 4 @ $15 ea., Champion REM38E 1 @ $18, Lyc. valve spring compressor $40.  TX 512-787-0203 or email


1967 M20F

N3288F, 5,920 TT, 1,680 SMOH, 1,199 SPOH, 68 since eddy current inspection, Brittain B-5 A/P w/Alt, KX155, KX155 w/GS, Foster 500 Loran, Garmin GTX320A XPDR, Narco ADF-31, Horizon P-1000 digital tach, Ives Auto-Vac 2, Insight Strike Finder, Tanks Resealed, New side windows, manual gear, original paint & interior in poor condition, new seat cushions, annual Apr. 2015, NDH, All logs. $19,700 or Best Offer. Bob Barnett, CT 860-627-0071 email:


1987 M20K 252TSE

Have a new plane, need to sell N252AD. Always hangared. Blue on White. New interior plastic, engine preheat. TTAF 2270, SFRM 944. Garmin 530 WAAS, coupled approaches, Garmin DMA 340 audio panel with 4 place intercom, WX 10A stormscope, Artex ME406 dual frequency ELT, EDM700, KFC 150 autopilot with alt hold and preselect, 115 cu ft O2, fuel computer, dual alternators, standby vacuum, electric trim, hot prop. Fast and High, a pleasure to fly. Asking $140K, Dennis Snyder 330-204-0328 cell, 330-343-4456 ext. 126 work or email:


1965 M20E Super 21

Exceptional Mooney fast & economical. N79358 4980TT, 900 SMOH (Bolduc) 30 SPOH, annual 2/15, compressions 76 77 77 78, Avionics: Full IFR, dual glideslopes, Garmin 530 WAAS, Garmin 340 audio, Garmin 327 transponder, JPI Engine Monitor, Sigtronic EGT, Sky Tec Starter, alternator, 201 windshield, cowl enclosure, flap gap seals, long range fuel tanks (80 gal.) inspected and repaired as necessary by Weep No More (09/15). Excellent condition, medical reasons, prompt sale, $57,500 Andy Fraser 612-670-7000



A 201 entry step with mounting hardware and fairing. Call Mike at 334-791-6093.



Elevators, ailerons, rudder, flaps, two front seats, spinner (no cracks) with backing plate and starter ring attached, engine mount, and original engine gage cluster. All removed from 1962 M20C S/N2337. Engine gage cluster was rebuilt some years ago, all gages working well. Best offer, all or pieces, plus shipping from Albuquerque. Call Bill 505-690-7547.



Consider short leasing for additional income and your engine health! Call 815-978-4804 to discuss options or email Mooney pilot 1000 hours in Ovation & 2700 total flying hours. Bern Binger


1965 M20C

TT4560, SMOH340, in/out 7/8+, IFR cert., new instrument panel, IFR KLN94, KMA24 marker, KX155, ILS Nav/Com, KY97A dual comm.., AT150 transponder, King ADF, GPS/Nav head, JPI engine analyzer/fuel flow, S-TEC A/P Alt hold, Monroy Traffic monitor, Inst. Ring lights, digital tach, Sky-Tec starter, Smoke system, 1 piece windshield, wingtip ext. strobe lights, speed mods, new plastic/carpet interior. New circuit breakers, resealed fuel tanks, new donuts, Johnson Bar, hangared, annual Feb. 2016, 931-337-9282 TN email: Price: $59,900.



Aft spinner bulkhead, spinner, attachment brackets and stainless steel screws for a Mooney M20J, (200 hp Lycoming) $2,000. Contact Terry 850-525-6578 (cell) or



Looking to replace my high time M20J engine! Searching for a low time Lycoming IO 360 A1A, 200 HP engine. Need to complete R/R before old age takes over (referring to the engine, of course)! Contact: Terry Ogle FL


1988 M20K 252

New annual May 2015, 1449 TT, 406 TSO, serial #25-1160. Garmin 430 WAAS, S-TEC 60-2 autopilot, KMA 24 audio panel, Sigtronics intercom SPA 400 4 place, 3MWX8 strike finder, FT101 Hoskins Fuel Flow, King KT76A transponder, Narco Mark 12D NAV Com VOR glideslope, Horizontal situation indicator, Standby Vac, Built in Oxygen Tank-Scott 1157 Cu.ft., Hot Prop, 106 gal. fuel tanks, NDH, $139,000. 405-743-1569 or 405-780-6185 or email:


1979 M20K (231)

Low time, MAPA award winning, IFR certified. Approximately 870 TTSN (currently flying). Plenty of time remaining before TBO. Always hangared by single owner since delivered from dealer in 1979. Both fuel tanks freshly resealed by Weep No More (3/15). King Avionincs: KFC-200 autopilot, KMA 20 audio panel, dual KY 197 Comms, KNS 80 and KN 53 Nav system, KR87 ADF, no damage history. Complete logs, annual completed 9/14. $78,900. Contact Ralph Hunter at 817-690-7670 or email:



Fast, Efficient, High-performance, turbocharged aircraft. TTAF: 4195.1, SMOH: 933.7, Since prop overhaul 1198.4. Always hangared (PSC) all annuals, all ADS. Upgrades: Garmin 430 w/terrain and obstacle awareness, Garmin GTX 330 transponder w/traffic awareness (displayed on 430), McCoy mod of King radio, Rayjay turbocharger, Century 3-axis autopilot (heading, VOR, or GPS modes), Insight graphic engine monitor, Intercoms (3) w/PTT switch, all new windows (including one-piece windshield) at 3250 hrs., O&N bladders, Led landing light, new battery, access door for battery maintenance (maintainer included in sale), chrome hub caps, improved tie-down points and nylon web tie-down straps (3) and chocks, portable engine pre-heater, protective covers (fuel caps, cowling inlet, pitot tube, reflective window liners). Price $66,000, Eric Leber 509-521-7101 or email



H.D., jumper cable set, new, 3 pin plug $75; Tow bar for J series Mooney $30; Tow bar for Piper R/G ie: PA32, 34 etc $30; tie down kits (2), new 3 steel anchors & 3 adjustable straps each in bag $15 each; Cowl plug kit, new, uncut, fits most GA piston A/C $25; GATS jar new, $10. All items plus shipping, Gordon Ewald 540-427-4268 or email:



“Rocket 305”, hangared at Boerne Stage Airport (5C1), TTAF: 2600 hrs., SFREM: 700 hrs., Garmin 530W, ½ interest for $63,000, Andy Taylor 713-213-5546



Looking for any installation, service or repair data for the Astronautice Pathfinder M20 Autopilot. This autopilot was originally installed by the factory in my 1975 M20C when the aircraft was new. Astronautice sold the Pathfinder division to US Avionix but that business went out of business in 2009. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. John Larson, 541-382-6752, email:


1989 M20J SE

S/N24-3126, Original owner since purchased new from Connecticut Mooney. 2649 TT, 537 Since Pen Yan Overhaul, fresh annual May 2015. Excellent maintenance. New paint from Presitge Aircrft Vt. Always hangared. Leather interior. Century 2000 AP, HSI, M3 GPS, KX 165 and 155, ADF. Hangared in Brockport NY (near ROC). Please contact owner Rick West 585-327-2065 or email: $126,000.


1978 M20J

N201LC, TTAF 2550, SMOH 405, wings stripped painted 2008 blue on white, GPS KL90B, Transponder, Mode C, STEC w/altitude hold, AZON (TCAS) #PCAS MRS, 4 port intercom, Apollo 920 GPS, ADF, 3 bladed McCauley Scimitar, Wilmar fuel tank reseal 11/28/08. 2nd owner, always hangared KUGN (IL) or KMVY (MA) B. Carroll 847-234-1627 or cell 847-624-1627 $81,000



New McCauley, 3 blade Propeller, still in factory plastic wrapping, fits All 180-200 HP Mooney models C,D,E,F,G,J, $10,000 all factory paperwork & warranty transfer with propeller. Robert Detrich 540-209-2414



Two channel portable aircraft intercom, PS Engineering Aerocom II, lightly used, included are power-cable (connector replaced) and owners manual. Asking $99.00 shipping in lower 48 included. Accept paypal. Rawil Ismagil, email: or call 714-290-5572



1990 201 Cowl has Lopresti Landing light, complete, good condition $2,800.00

Ciro Ramirez 951-371-8924 or cell 714-681-4329


1999 M20S EAGLE

Single owner, low time, TTAF & E 980 hours, no damage history, King KLN94 GPS navigation system, KMD 150 MFD display, interfaced with the KLN 94 GPS, S-Tec system 30 autopilot, electric speedbrakes, standby electric vacuum system. An excellent airplane. $149,900. Call Ted Corsones 802-775-0125 or email:


1987 M20J 205SE

1730 TTAF, 375 SMOH (PennYan) NDH, all logs, second owner, annual 6/15, King IFR digital, KMA 24 audio panel, KY196 Com, KY 165 Nav/Com, KNS80 NAV system, KAP 150 audio pilot w/alt. hold, KCS 55A compass system/HSI, KR87, KT76A, Apollo 2001 NMS VFR GPS, Shadin FT10l fuel computer, SPA 400 intercom, Strikefinder, GEM 602 engine monitor, speed brakes, Precise Flight stand – by Vacuum, Sky-Tec starter, Reiff engine pre-heat system, Dyna-Vibe prop balanced, new nose and gear shock donuts, Bose hardwired pilot seat, hangared at GHG. $114,500 Paul Spiro 781-871-5454, or email:


1988 M20K 252TSE

N5223J, 25-1172, 4275 TT, 1490 SFRM, 1490 SPOH, Top Overhaul April 2013 by Safe Skies, Middletown, OH. Original paint-Rosetone white & deep maroon stripe, about 5 on scale of 10. New seats by Aero Comfort Jan. 2011, new carpet & interior paint. Rear seats removable for cargo, great cross country plane. Garmin 530 WAAS GPS, Garmin 340 Audio panel, Stereo Mic & phone jacks four seats, push-to-talk both yokes, King 89B GPS, KFC 150 autopilot, KFC 165 flip/flop Nav/Com, WX 1000 stormscope, standby vac, Insight GEM602 engine monitor, JPI Fuel Flow, oxygen, vertical card compass, Hartzell 2-blade hot prop, speed brakes, hangared at MWO. No damage history. Asking $134,900  OH Sam Nelson, 513-424-4473, photos by email:


1987 M20J 205SE

Airframe TT 1890 hrs, Powerplant-Lycoming IO-360-A3B6D factory rebuilt –TT 255 hrs, Prop since overhaul 255 hrs., annual due April 30, 2015. Avionics: King KMA24 audio panel w/ 3 light marker beacon, KY196 Digital Com, KNS80 digital RNAV/DME w/ glideslope receiver,KX 165 digital NAV/COM w/Glideslope receiver,KR87 digital ADF w/timer,KT76A transponder w/altitude encoding, KCS 55A slaved HSI, KFC150 autopilot w/flight director, 3M WX-10A stormscope, Apollo GX 50 IFR approach certified GPS, features:  SPA 4 place intercom, Standby Vac, dual Yoke mounted PTT, CHT/EGT, overhead venting and lighting, Avionics master, heated pitot, strobes, wing recognition lights, Insight GEM EGT/CHT, vertical compass card, Hoskins FT 101 fuel computer, electric digital tach, electric chronometer, electric trim, polished spinner and prop, speedbrakes, interior-blue cloth w/blue leather trim and blue carpet, exterior-overall white w/red and blue stripes. $110,000 Robert Fischer, email: